Timestep Community Dance - charity number 061000044413


Timestep Community Dance is dedicated to transforming lives and breaking down barriers for people with special needs, disabilities, mental health issues and the elderly through dance and exercise 

Classes for the older generation -Whether this is dancing or watching other people dancing, moving to the music or even just tapping your toes to the beat, these actions will provide an instant form of creative release that translates into a feeling of well being; helping to encourage the mature person to lead a more fulfilled and socially interactive life.

Classes for those with disabilities - These sessions combine movement and Dance based activities to music to encourage agility, balance and co-ordination.Combining simple dance routines along with the use of equipment including ribbons, scarves, pom poms and parachutes, the fun routines and activities are designed so that everyone can join in and have a good time. 

This class is suitable for everyone including wheelchair users and those with little mobility. Carers stay at the community sessions and are encouraged to join in with the classes if they want to! 

Timestep Community Dance also offer One to One Pilates sessions which increases mobility, strength and flexibility 

Timestep Community Dance Patrons

Madeleine Waters - Dance/Choreographer/Teacher

Danny Maun - Ex professional Rugby League Player 

Joseph Powell-Main - Dancer 

David Asquith - Businessman 

Christina Smallwood (USA) - Business Woman/Inspiratonal Speaker 

Allan Clayton - Inspirational Speaker 

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