Luke's Lads



Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the Uk with many men suffering in silence when they experience feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety.


Luke's Story

In July 2018 after a battle with mental health and depression, Luke took his own life. For years Luke struggled by bottling up his feelings and worries finding it difficult to reach out and talk about his mental health. One of his greatest passions was fitness and weight training which he turned to in darker times 

Luke's Lads has been set up to encourage and support men to talk about their feelings in an alternative environment. Studies have shown that exercise can release endorphines to energise your spirits and lift your mood. Talking isn't a sign of weakness it's a way to take care of your well being and help cope with problems

Timestep Community Dance and Luke's family are working together in the hope we can make a difference to just one man's life

Come and join our FREE male only 45 minute circuit training session and 30 minute group chat offering a safe place to speak (Age 16 plus) 

EVERY Tuesday 7.30pm 

Luke’s Lads Juniors (Age 11-15) 

EVERY Wednesday 4.30pm 

Timestep Studio 

Ponderosa Business Park 

Smithies Lane 


WF16 0PR